DIY How 2 Install Torch Down Part 2 Redondo Beach Roofing Contractors

DIY How 2 Install Torch Down Part 2 Redondo Beach Roofing Contractors,Welcome back to Cover That Roof. In today’s eposide we will be finishing this torch down repair of a flat commercial roof in Redondo Beach . This DIY roofing video is about how to repair a flat commercial roof with torch down or rubber modified roofing material. If you are looking for a great way to repair your flat roof in Redondo Beach , this is the way. This work is very dangerous while working with a blow torch. i would advise you to hire a professional roofing contractors located in your area. There are alot of great roofers in redondo beach and roofers in the south bay area in general. If you are looking to get your flat roof repaired or any type of roof fixed the right way with no short cuts, then True American Roofing company is the right choice. There are alot of different ways to fix/ correct/ repair this flat roof . For this particular job, I felt this was the best way to repair this roof. Every roofer will have there own way of going about to fix any type of roof repair, just make sure they explain all the details to you before you hire them to fix your leaky roof. Look for us on our next up coming eposides of Cover That Roof. Until next time, we’ll see you in a bit. Cheers,

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