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Gallagher Brothers Construction-St. Louis Siding St. Louis Roofing Contractors Roof Ventilation Tips, St. Louis Siding St. Louis Roofing Contractors Gallagher Brothers Construction A St. Louis siding, and top St. Louis roofing company explains the need for attic ventilation in St. Louis MO. homes.

Hi, I’m Adam Burns with Gallagher Brothers Construction, a local 40-year-old a St. Louis Siding and St. Louis roofing company.

As any good St. Louis construction company would tell you, proper ventilation is an important part of the roofing system. Roof venting pulls fresh air into the attic and pushes out heat and moisture. This will greatly extend the life of your roofing system. However, poor ventilation can cause damage and lead to very expensive repairs. Today, I would like to discuss a couple of the dangers of poor ventilation.

In the St. Louis area, you are no stranger to the humidity. This is especially bad for roofs. When the moisture and heat get trapped, this can form mold or mildew. Not only can the mold and mildew ruin the stored items in your attic, but it can also cause very serious health problems especially in children and the elderly.

Another problem with poor ventilation is rust. The trapped moisture can cause rust to form on nails and other critical fasteners. The rust can cause plumbing systems to completely fail. By making sure your roof is properly ventilated, you can save money on future repairs and protect the health of your loved ones.

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