6 Tips For Hiring Roofing Contractor – West Palm Beach Florida

6 Tips For Hiring Roofing Contractor – West Palm Beach Florida,For #1 Roofing Contractor & General Contractor in West Palm Beach, Florida:

Downey Contracting Inc. has been in the business of General contracting in Palm Beach county, Florida since 1999. We are considered one of the top Roofers in Palm Beach County area and serve areas like
-Palm Beach,
-West Palm Beach,
-Lake Worth,
-Boca Raton,
-Boynton Beach,
-Deerfield Beach
-Delray Beach.

We are licensed general contractors and roofing contractor Palm Beach County:
Trade: Certified General Contractor License #: CGC049656 Expiration: 08-31-2016

Trade: Certified Roofing Contractor License #: CCC057658 Expiration: 08-31-2016

Downey Contracting – HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved Roofer

This is Dan from Downey Roofing & Contracting. Just wanted to make a brief video of some questions you wanna ask when you’re getting ready to hire a roofer or general contractor in West Palm Beach that will keep you protected and safe in hiring somebody that you’re going to be comfortable with and the is not going to take to take advantage of you. We’re go over a few things real quickly.

Tip 1. Make sure they get a license in Florida State of Florida does licensing for contractors so the state of Florida requires us to take a test and to continue education and things like that to make sure that our licenses are up to date and we’re aware of any changes or any changes in the laws that protect you as the consumer. So once you find out if you guys licensed you can go to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation to do that it’s the DBPR You just type it in your web browser and
then you look up your contractor by name for instance my company name is Downey Contracting or you can look at my name is Daniel Downey. It’s either way.You’ll see my name my license information any complaint history that things like that.

Tip 2 : Better Business Bureau. Of course works very well. That’s good resource to use. Generally means that the Better Business Bureau is gonna have anybody out there that have you know as it doesn’t have a license. They check all that stuff out Good resource plus they they do reviews of roofers in West Palm Beach so you got bad reviews you don’t have a good posting on the BBB. So check that out

Tip 3: see if they got a website. My
website is ConstructionTalk.com or 911close.com. Either one will bring you to my website but in today’s day and age I think it’s kind of important in obvious that if somebody cares enough about having a company that
they’re going to invest in having a website to be able to show their company to what today’s population looks at when they’re hiring a roofer in West Palm Beach everybody goes directly to the web if you don’t go to the web used to be the Yellow Pages. Nothing more. That’s the it’s the internet. So hopefully the company that you hire has a website it’s not the most important important thing but i think im gonna have my company and
I’m gonna be in business I think it’s kind of important

Tip 4: the other thing you can do it also is call around and ask for referrals from your contractor of other people’s work for or she has worked for. That’s one of the best ways of course to find out what’s
going on with the contractor whether they are good, bad or indifferent. Try to get referral if you can.to give up my customers phone numbers to other customers or potential customers I think that’s a little bit invasive but I
definitely try to take pictures and show videos things like that so they’re comfortable with saying the type of work that we’re gonna be doing.

Tip 5: Meet: The reason I’m doing this video as I like you to meet me before I get to your house because when I mean the technologies available for us to have a conversation before I get there and I want to get over that hump of you thinking that I’m some kind of a shyster gonna take advantage of you because I think contractors the good ones get a bad rap because there’s a lot of bad ones out there so the good ones aren’t afraid to put themselves out there and you know meet their customers you know online. I’m online with this video hopefully you’re saying this prior to your hiring me so you know who’s going to show up when I show up and those are some good tips you should you know think about and look at.

Tip 6: The years in business I’ve been in business since 1998 so when you’re looking at somebody
who’s going to offer you a warranty on a roof or a repair or whatever type or having done you might want to consider how long that companies actually been in business I’ve been in business since 98 so my warranty obviously exists because I’ve been around company has been in business for two years or six months and
there are offering you a genuine warranty. I guess you can figure that one out on your own.,

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