Building Repairs Grand Rapids MI Associated Construction Services

Building Repairs Grand Rapids MI Associated Construction Services,(616) 235-2432 Building Repairs Grand Rapids MI Stucco Waterproofing Foundation Repair Basement Flashing Flat Roofs Painting Roof Wall Condo Maintenance Commercial Structural Residential New Construction Industrial Caulking Associated Construction Services has been doing business since 1988 and is committed to high quality services and customer care. We offer services ranging from epoxy crack injection to stone masonry.

As concrete cures, it shrinks and small cracks can develop as a result. They can also develop due to slight movement in the foundation. Our repairs eliminate water infiltration through these cracks. Our system works. We work fast, and our methods can save you thousands. You will have competent trained professionals on the job. No other process can repair fissures in concrete down to .002 inches wide and up to 40 feet deep – dry, wet, or cold. Our process of structural concrete repair bonds the entire crack network. Stresses are once more distributed evenly throughout the structure. It repairs cracks caused by shrinkage, mechanical overload, temperature changes, settlement, and human error. You will be receiving products that meet rigid quality control standards.

Our company can handle a variety of structural repairs and new construction for both commercial and residential sites. Contact us today for an estimate. We look foreword to establishing a relationship with your organization.,

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