Roofing Contractor Hail Damage Repair ‘7QuestionsTo Ask’ 612.250.1814 Eden Prairie, MN

Roofing Contractor Hail Damage Repair ‘7QuestionsTo Ask’ 612.250.1814 Eden Prairie, MN, 612.250.1814

Local Roofer, Hail Damage Roofing Contractor “7Questions To Ask” Storm Damage repair | Eden Prairie | Edina | Chanhassen | Chaska | Minneapolis | Golden Valley MN

7 Questions to ask any contractor before hiring them!

Roofing Contractor, Siding Contractor, Window Contractor
Hail Damage Repair, Storm Damage Repair Minnesota

1. What is the full name and address of the company?

All Contractor Selection Guidelines start with this question because most dissatisfaction involves low-bid undercapitalized contractors.

Automatically reject any contractor without a permanent place of business.

If the contractor is not permanently established, how can you be confident he will complete the work? How can you be confident he will be in business if the work needs service in the future? What do you do if the project fails and you are financially harmed or the contractor is not financially responsible?

2. Does the company carry insurance and is the coverage adequate?

This is the second most important question. Owners have been financially harmed by uninsured or inadequately insurance contractors.

Automatically reject any contractor without proper and adequate insurance.

A contractor should provide you with a Certificate of Insurance for Comprehensive Liability, Worker’s Compensation, and Completed Operations Insurance that protects you in the event of an accident or provides financial coverage for a failed project. The insurance should be adequate to cover the property.

Contractors may also carry other forms of insurance, such as health insurance and vehicle insurance. Do not be confused by these policies. Do not allow the contractor to pass them off as his proof of “contractors” insurance.

3. Is the company a licensed contractor, and a registered member of a trade association and in good standing?

Automatically reject any contractor who is not licensed.

However, do not be fooled by a contractor with a license. Generally, the license requirements are minimal and the law is generally poorly enforced. A better test is to question the contractor’s commitment to his trade. Is he a member of the trade association?

4. How Long Has The Contractor Been In Business?

Needless to say, the more experienced the better. Under five years is often a tell-tale sign of an unstable business. Most contracting businesses (90%) fail within the first five years. Examine new business with extra care before awarding the project.

5. What is the contractor’s track record for handling complaints?

Automatically reject any contractor who says they never had a complaint. The best of contractors find themselves in disputes for one reason or another.

6. What is the company’s workmanship warranty?

Typically, contractor workmanship warranties are for one year or more. Longer warranties are not more valuable than shorter warranties. The length of the warranty is less important than the intent and ability of the contractor to stand behind his warranty. The professional contractor often performs well beyond the written warranty period because he knows that this is what builds customer loyalty and referrals.

7. Does the company provide sufficient details for the project being performed?

Compliance with local ordinances — Question the contractor about what is required.

Product Selection — Make sure the proposal includes a specific reference to the product and color you have chosen.

Manufacturer Warranty Specifications — If the project is to be warranted by a manufacturer, confirm that the agreement states that the work will conform to the manufacturer specifications.

Clean-Up — Call for daily clean-up to help minimize safety issues or exposure.

Payment Terms — Schedule, terms and method of payment should be clearly detailed in the agreement.

Preliminary Inspection — Plan to meet with the Job Foreman who will be responsible for your satisfaction.

Pro Custom Builders is proud to be a member of the Certified Contractors NetWork, and would like to thank them for providing these “7 Questions”.

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Roofing Contractor, Siding Contractor, Window Contractor
Hail Damage Repair, Storm Damage Repair Minnesota,

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