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Roofing Contractors Cincinnati – Call 513-544-4894,When looking for Roofing Contractors in Cincinnati contact Charles Brown construction at 513-544-4894.

Charles Brown Construction is a highly recommended Roofing Contractor in Cincinnati.

We personally recommend Charles Brown Construction when you are looking for Roofing Contractors in Cincinnati. He discovered extra damage covered by insurance another very well known Cincinnati roofing contractor completely missed!

In the spring a number of hail storms came through the Ohio area resulting in significant storm damage. A number of Storm Chasing roofing contractors came to the area.

Exercise Caution When Hiring Cincinnati Roofing Contractors!

Some roofing contractors in Cincinnati are storm chasers, and some are scam artists!

While it is true there are many legitimate out of state roofing contractors, you should exercise caution hiring an out of state contractor.

Storm chasing contractors travel from area to area, and state to state chasing the damage storms cause.

What are the disadvantages in hiring storm chasing roofing contractors?

Typically they do not have a local office or employees. In the event they perform substandard work in replacing or repairing your roof, you may have little to no recourse against them.

Additionally Some Storm Chasers May Be Scam Artists!

About five years ago one of our clients paid a roofing contractor in full to repair his roof after a hailstorm. The contractor never performed the work and our client got scammed and lost thousands of dollars.

If the Roofing Contractors do not have physical offices in the area, they are storm chasers.

Remember this important point:

If you get scammed by a contractor your insurance company is not going to pay the claim again!

We Recommend That You Hire a Cincinnati Roofing Contractor well established in the area with a good reputation. Check for complaints with review sites and the Better Business Bureau.

The advantage of hiring a well-established local roofing contractor is that if something goes wrong with the installation of your roof, hopefully they will be around to care for the warrantee work.

If you hire a storm chasing roofing contractor and something goes wrong with your roof, it’s possible you may have a problem being compensated and could incur out of pocket expense to repair any deficiencies.

If a roofing contractor in Cincinnati has a number of unresolved complaints, that’s a good indication you should not hire that contractor!

If a large number of other unsatisfied customers are filing complaints, it’s likely you will also be filing a complaint as well.

Avoid roofing contractors in Cincinnati that have a large number of complaints filed against them that are not resolved.

Who Do We Recommend when you need a Cincinnati roofing contractor?

Charles Brown Construction. Call the today at 513-544-4894.

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