Wrong Roof Repairing – Dimensional Shingles On Roof Done Wrong

Wrong Roof Repairing – Dimensional Shingles On Roof Done Wrong,Dimensional Shingles on Roof Done Wrong – Very often we see wrong and unprofessional roofing job done by incompetent roofer.

Hiring a licensed Roofer in Palm Beach County in Florida – Downey Roofers will make sure that you get PROFESSIONAL ROOFERS working on your roof.

For #1 Roofer in Florida:

Downey Contracting Inc. has been in the business of General contracting in Palm Beach county, Florida since 1999. We are considered one of the top Roofers in Palm Beach County area and serve areas like
-Palm Beach,
-West Palm Beach,
-Lake Worth,
-Boca Raton,
-Boynton Beach,
-Deerfield Beach
-Delray Beach.

We are licensed general contractors and roofing contractor Palm Beach County:
Trade: Certified General Contractor License #: CGC049656 Expiration: 08-31-2016

Trade: Certified Roofing Contractor License #: CCC057658 Expiration: 08-31-2016

Downey Contracting – HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved Roofer

Let me introduce myself. I am Dan Downey. I am a general contractor, a roofing contractor, a structural building inspector for Florida, and a structural roofing inspector for Florida.

I have worked for the state and I have the badge in the license to prove it. I’m only saying this because I want to qualify that what I’m saying to you is accurate.

One of the biggest problems we as contractors who are licensed deal with as we are competing against guys that don’t have licenses or insurance and/or the skill set to be able to handle and maintain your jobs correctly.

In these tough economic times we can help. So I have some question-and-answers I’m going to give you so that you can feel more comfortable in hiring a contractor.

My personal history, I’m a first-generation American from Ireland.My father is a general contractor and has been doing construction his entire life and taught me the trade. That’s the way it was back then you worked with your father and learned the trade.

You had to know all the trades. We are licensed roofing general contractors and building inspectors and roofing inspectors. We have been here for a long time we have built many buildings and seen a lot of construction. We are here to help. Consider us your friend in the construction business.,

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