Inspection Vs. Roof Repairs Sales Pitch (Commercial & Residential Roofing Company – Washington, MO)

Inspection Vs. Roof Repairs Sales Pitch (Commercial & Residential Roofing Company – Washington, MO), – Hi, I’m Melissa with Shingle Tech, a roofing company and siding company based out of Washington, Missouri. 

If you have questions you want answered about roofs, roofers or roofing companies then you’ve come to the right place.

One question homeowners should be asking is this… How do I know if I’m getting a proper roof inspection or a sales pitch?

Most homeowners already have a good reason to believe their roof is failing. Usually they need to replace shingles that blew off. Often they suspect hail damage from a recent storm, have soft spots on their roof or are experiencing leaks.

At the very least, it’s a good idea to request that an inspector is Haag Certified, which means that they have been trained using the same standard as insurance adjusters.

Second, a good inspector should take pictures of whatever parts of the roof are failing and be capable of answering questions related to both potential repair or replacement options as well as costs.

Finally, since most reputable companies don’t charge for inspections or estimates, don’t assume you are only going to get a sales pitch from them, especially if the inspectors have a history of working well with local insurance agents, are Haag certified and provide you with the pictures and data you need to make good decisions.

I hope this helps…. And
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