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myth number one: metal roofing is noisy ….nope , not when installed correctly..
myth number two: metal roofing is heavy…nope, the heaviest metal roof weights about 33% of what the asphalt shingles weigh.
myth number three : metal roofing is more expensive. When you consider the life of the metal roof ( who knows? 30-50 years ), the reduction in Air/Heat costs ( averages 25% savings on utilities ), and the fact that a metal roof is actually an asset instead of a liability ( like an asphalt shingle roof ) residential metal roofing installed on your home is the very best choice of roofing materials .
Metal roofing panels installed over the properly prepared shingle roof , Jackson Ms.
the perimeter shingles are trimmed back as well as the shingles on the rakes prior to installing the reflective foil insulation. Next, treated 1 x 4’s are nailed onto the existing rafters of the roof framing, these are on 2 foot centers. The existing ridge is removed, a 4 inch wide cut is made to vent the attic, and the roofing panels are turned up at the ridge to eliminate any blowing rain getting under the ridge cap. All the trim on the rakes, and flashing installed after metal panels are installed.

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added drama and imaginative design to the exterior of any building. That’s because they’re offered in a wider choice of options today than ever before to help create more visually interesting buildings. Metal roofs offer virtually unlimited architectural creativity with a vast array of substrates, shapes, styles, profiles, and an ever-growing palette of colors, ranging from standard hues to custom matched tones. They adapt to styles
ranging from traditional to contemporary, and enable buildings to stand out or blend in with their environments.
Metal roof systems are an environmentally responsible choice for buildings of all types. They typically have a recycled content of at least 25 percent, and the metal is 100 percent recyclable at the end of its useful life, thereby contributing to the recycled content of future products. Metal’s recycled content can even help earn one or two LEED points under the Materials and Resources Credit.
Metal roofs also are sustainable. Their extremely long service lives lower the demand for energy and raw materials to produce replacement systems.
Metal roofs with heat-deflecting coatings and finishes can help reduce energy consumption and costs by lowering air conditioning loads up to 40 percent
according to a study by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The same Oak Ridge study shows painted metal roofing maintains 95 percent of its reflectance value over
time. This is important because some codes assume reflective performance of
all roof materials degrades at the same rate. Metal roofs resist the growth of
organic matter and shed dirt readily, thereby retaining reflective performance.
Today’s metal roof systems are extremely durable. Many are warranted up to 30 years, some even more. That’s because today’s highly durable paints and coatings are designed to protect the metal panels for decades, while the patina that forms on unpainted copper and zinc panels protects the metal from the elements naturally.
Today’s generation of paints and coatings virtually eliminate the need to re-paint the surface, thereby reducing maintenance costs. They also help metal panels retain their luster, ensuring the building maintains its aesthetic appeal and property value over time.
Metal roof panels are lighter in weight than most other roofing choices. As a result, they can often help lower construction costs by reducing framing and foundation requirements since less structural support is needed. Construction costs also may be
lowered because metal panels can be installed faster than other materials.
That’s because their installation is not slowed by weather conditions. This
all-weather capability minimizes delays, gets the building closed in quicker, and speeds up completion. And faster completion means quicker occupancy.
Now that you’ve seen the possibilities of today’s metal roofing, imagine what metal can bring to your next building. Metal roof systems offer more innovative design options, more durability, and greater cost efficiency than you may have thought possible. When properly chosen and installed, they are indeed cost-effective, attractive, long-lasting,
easily maintained, and environmentally friendly building materials.
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