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Texas Residential Roofing – Garage And Carport Roof Replacement – Horizon Construction, | Watch as Horizon Construction tears-off the carport and garage roofs and installs new roofing for a San Antonio, Texas homeowner.

The existing roof systems were 3-tab shingles and 90 lb. roll roofing. Signs of hail damage and product failure were found, including signs of rotten decking from leaks. Horizon Construction repaired the posts and beams, and replaced the rotten decking as needed. We replaced the low sloped roof area with an SBS Modified System, and replaced the garage roof area with a high definition shingle to add a distinctive look for the home.

Horizon Construction, Inc. is a full service general contracting company with a focus in residential roofing, commercial roofing, storm damage restoration, and commercial insurance restoration. We are based in Austin with satellite operations across the state of Texas.

We offer a variety of residential roofing services including re-roofing and roof repairs (including emergency leak repair). We cordon off our work areas, clean up our work area daily, and remove all debris.

Horizon Construction is a Haag Certified Roof Inspector, meaning our inspectors have been trained and certified to quickly and accurately inspect roofs for damage, and correctly evaluate damage using scientifically-based damage evaluation techniques.

When selecting your new roof, our expert sales team will help you understand the numerous options available and weigh the costs against the features and benefits you desire, including warranty options.

For example, if your primary goal is function we can show you a variety of standard three-tab shingle options and colors.

For those in the market for both function and aesthetics, there is a wide selection of designer, architectural and algae-resistant shingle, clay tile, ceramic tile, wood shake, slate, metal, as well as several other beautiful roofing materials to choose from.

Please contact us for a no-obligation inspection and estimate of re-roofing.

Roof Repairs and Emergency Leak Service
Left unattended, roof leaks can create unintended consequences such as mold, mildew, insect infestation, structural damage, and more. While some roof leaks are easy to find, others are more difficult due to the nature and properties of water. It is important that once a leak is suspected that the true source of the leak is identified, as a leak manifesting itself in one area of your home may be coming from a section of the roof 30 or more feet away.

A roof leak does not necessarily mean your roof is in need of replacement. Roof leaks happen for a variety of reasons, so depending upon age and condition of your roof a repair may be sufficient to address the source of the leak.

If you suspect you have a roof leak, please call (855) 715-1500 for a no-obligation estimate of repairs. Please also feel free to visit us online at

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