Roofing + Painting Tips :: How To Build :: Ark Survival Evolved

Roofing + Painting Tips :: How To Build :: Ark Survival Evolved,This is an Ark Building Tips video and in it you will learn some useful tricks for roofing your houses in Ark and for painting your base. I show off five simple Tudor style medieval houses, and add a unique roof and paint scheme to each.

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Step-by-Step Building Tutorials Playlist + Episodes

The Swamp Cabin House Boat

Mediterranean Row Houses

The Redwoods Cabin

Thatch + Wood Beach House

The Log Cabin

Tapejara Hangar House

The Tudor House

The Garden House

Log Cabin 2

The Winter Cabin / Snowy River Cabin

Redwoods Cabin 2

The Desert Bungalow

The Modern House (with Dino Garage!)

The Arctic Steamboat

Adobe Greenhouse Raft Bridge

The Elevator Workshop

Log Cabin 3

Log Cabin 3 Interior Design

The Farmhouse

The Fishing Cabin

The Modern Desert House

The Autumn House

The Canyons House

The Desert Steamboat

Roofing + Painting Tips

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