Commercial Roof Repair/renewal, Flat, Corrugated Or Metal

Commercial Roof Repair/renewal, Flat, Corrugated Or Metal,With the PACE System of ROOF RENEWAL, you put an end to your patching and replacement. It’s the cost effective option! With high strength roof reinforcement materials and penetrating coatings, PACE’S System builds upon your existing roof base. Its life is extended. Virtually every penny or your waterproofing dollar goes into materials that do the job. Your building is kept watertight without the interruption to your business or risk of fire that can result when reroofing work is done.

A commercial seamless system adds life to your existing metal, corrugated or flat roof. Without having to redo or replace existing roof. A low cost answer to a leaky roof for the cost of maintenance completely waterproofing your roof weather your roof is alligator or cracked it can be renewed even while it is wet. Pat McPherson Call (780) 232-9627 or,

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